Trip to Singara Chennai after 18 months

June 3, 2011

Its been an amazing trip to Chennai(Home) since late 2009.Though Chennai has not really changed a lot apart from more malls and more bridges,the cost of living has shot up to astronomical proportions.Though I earn in dollars many times it makes me to think that in the current context US is really cheaper.The most amazing thing is the flurry of new restaurants,after being fed with Pizza,Subs etc for 2 years it was amazing to eat authentic Indian food.

Coming back to other stuff Chennai has never lost its charm though I still need to put up with 105 F days but the vibrance is still there.Just could not imagine that days are flying by as I just have 10 more days to fly back to US.Well I hope to take some nice warm weather back to Columbus,Indiana


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June 15, 2008

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